Condos in Williamsburg Brooklyn for Sale

It was once unheard of for hip, up and coming, forward thinking, trend setting Manhattanites to consider living anywhere other than Manhattan. The fight to find a co-op changed to the fight to find a new or refurbished condo as the ultimate goal for luxury living. As a shortage of inventory for Manhattan condos pushed prices ever higher many steadfast Manhattanites turned their sights to Brooklyn even if it was on the down low to keep up appearances. When fictional character Miranda of “Sex in the City” chose family friendly Brooklyn over an uptown Manhattan apartment it showed her bravery and forward thinking approach. Her choice to take her chances in the not quite desirable Brooklyn brownstone had people wondering what was up. Yet, not too many years later Brooklyn has become the place to be.

Brooklyn was once considered the affordable alternative to Manhattan and many took the need to move there as a bit of a kick to their egos. However as the decade passed suddenly Brooklyn has changed from an alternative choice, or huge compromise for home buyers to an international style capital with a personality and appeal of its own.

Lofts in Williamsburg were once prominently occupied by struggling artists and musicians but are now being taken over by bankers and power players willing to pay more than $1 million to live there. Other Brooklyn neighborhoods continue to attract a higher income crowd such as once family friendly Park Slope and Carroll Gardens. Families are being ousted by overseas big wigs who are bidding in groups as high as 80 for each home that comes onto the market. This is resulting in unaffordable homes for the families who had sought refuge here less than a decade ago.

Homes are being acquired through affective bidding wars that can push a price up by as much as a quarter of a million with eager buyers willing to pay cash to get their high demand property. As families get pushed even further north to areas such as Hastings, the new condo developments become perfect fodder for high income earners looking for a new style of cultural living.

With Brooklyn reaching international acclaim for high end living to accommodate the urban sprawl of the ever growing and ever more affluent population of Manhattan, condos in Williamsburg Brooklyn for sale are the new go to for the people who can’t find the luxury they desire in Manhattan.

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