Components Of Top Food Safety And Quality Management Systems

If you work in the hospitality or the food service industries then you know just how important every detail and every step along the supply chain is from the raw product to the finished service. Food safety and quality management systems are essential to not only ensure that your business is following all regulations at each point in the process but also to ensure that your clients and customers, your end users, are being served food that is safe, up to your standards, and is guaranteed to leave a positive impression.

Without any type of structured food safety and quality management systems in place the only option is to us old school tracking methods. Checklists, pencil and paper record keeping, or even entries into databases or spreadsheets from laptops or computers is really your only option. This is not only hit and miss but it also requires additional processing, analysis, and data manipulation to make meaningful sense of what has been recorded.

The Simplified Option

By designing specific tracking and recording analytic software programs you can put all your old methods away and incorporate simple, effective and highly efficient food safety and quality management systems. Information is added and then immediate integrated by the system into a variety of different reports and analytics that provide a comprehensive and up to the minute evaluation of the entire system.

You can track and monitor everything from temperature to travel times. The systems can be set up to show rules, provide alerts when standards are not met and to even construct the alerts based on the specifications and indicators that you desire, which may be set at industry standards or above based on your requirements.

Increased Awareness and Communication

With the ability to have multiple people communicated, coordinating and checking the data as it is entered there is increased compliance in food safety and quality management systems as well as the ability to identify areas of potential problems quickly and efficiently. Since the data is available from any type of device, including smartphones, tablets and computers, managers aren’t tied to the office while still staying in full control of their areas of responsibility.

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