Common Types Of Artful Commercial Flooring

In the beginning, commercial flooring was lacking in character. It was bland or simply lacked artistic merit. While you can still see flooring that falls into these categories, this is no longer the norm. In fact, with the arrival of decorative concrete, commercial flooring has just raised the bar. It has combined the functional and practical nature of concrete with an artistic appearance.

What Is Decorative Concrete Commercial Flooring?

Decorative flooring is a concrete, aggregate or combination flooring that is not simply a plain and practical surface. While it remains durable, as well as water and weather proof, it also has an elegant or artful appearance. Technology and the application of diverse methods have resulted in an increasingly attractive appearance. What was once a drab concrete surface, has taken on an entire new look. It may be colorful, bright and textured. It can come in patterns, be abstract or ornate. The appearance, however, is the antithesis of the old style commercial flooring in very many ways.

Three Popular Types of Commercial Flooring

If you decide to liven up your commercial enterprise with a new flooring, consider decorative commercial flooring as a distinct possibility. Talk to a professional and have him or her make some suggestions about what is possible. He or she may also be able to provide you with flooring that will match both your needs and your expectations. Among such considerations are stamping, tinting, staining, color pigments, ornate sawcuts and dying. All can give your cement flooring a new and vibrant look. Yet, among some of the most popular methods you should find:

1. Exposed Aggregate: Aggregate is tossed over setting or fresh concrete to provide a specific type of surface. It may then be washed, brushed or even acid washed to remove any paste and brighten the aggregate surface.

2. Quartz Aggregate Finish Epoxy Overlay:  Aggregate is combined with an epoxy and spread over the base flooring. A further epoxy or (poly) urethane is applied to bring out the best in the aggregate while making it more durable.

3. Terrazzo: Terrazo has been around for over a thousand years. This composite, once made of discarded marble fragments, may be formed using marble but more common are such materials as granite, quartz, glass or even plastic.  These are all mixed into a chemical and/or cementitious binder. After a period of curing, the terrazzo is ground and polished into a smooth durable finish.

The Pleasures of Commercial Flooring

Commercial flooring has advanced from the purely practical to combining functionality with decorative. You can now have flooring that is durable, environmentally friendly, easy to maintain and is less energy intensive. At the same time, you do not have to eschew elegance or pass on an eye-catching appearance. Today’s commercial flooring lets you have it all so you, your employees and your customers can enjoy the premises on both a practical and visual level.

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