Common Materials Used For Kitchen Countertops

Countertops in a typical kitchen serve a dual function; they serve as the workspace in the kitchen as well as being a component of the kitchen design. Depending on how the kitchen is used there are a number of practical options for the material used in kitchen countertops in Brooklyn.

To the majority of homeowners a granite countertop is the ultimate surface. Countertops made from this natural material are extremely hard, you can cut directly on the material and there are no possibilities of damage when a hot pot or pan is set directly on it. As granite is not porous it is easy to clean and does not harbor bacteria or mold. Granite kitchen countertops in Brooklyn may be priced higher than other materials but the materials unmatched durability and functionality make it the preferred material.

Since the mid 1950s ceramic tile has been one of the all time favorite materials. It too is durable and hard but the grout can be problematic as it can stain and harbor bacteria. There is a phenomenal variety of color, design and texture options which makes it an interesting and practical investment. The grout can be dug out and replaced every couple of years.

Both quartz and marble are beautiful materials; the drawback is the fact that they are quite fragile and can easily crack or chip. Many homes that consider their kitchen to be a show place rather than an area where a great deal of food preparation and cooking is done will opt for these gorgeous materials.

Modern synthetic kitchen countertops in Brooklyn are extremely durable and look every bit as good as natural materials which they duplicate. If these tops are marred in any way it is a simple matter to sand them, returning them to their original state. Placing hot pots and pans directly on these materials should be avoided. These materials are also quite costly but there are many homeowners who prefer them over a natural stone surface.

Stainless Steel kitchen countertops are ideal for busy kitchens; the material is very practical, heat resistant and sanitary.

Perhaps the easiest and least expensive of all the options for kitchen countertops is Formica. This material is available in a host of colors and patterns. The top is easy to clean and maintain and as it is plastic it does not harbor mold or bacteria, however it will stain and discolor if a hot pan is placed directly on it.

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