Common Dental Problems Handled By an Emergency Dentist in South Amboy

Many people have the misconception that a dentist is only good for fillings and routine cleanings, but they are misinformed. One of the most important types of dental professional is an emergency dentist, which handles everything from accidental chips in teeth to horrible infections that can leave a person sick and unable to function. If you have every had a horrible infection or accident that has injured your teeth, then you know just how valuable an emergency dentist can be. When you have an oral issue that is just too painful to bear, then the only help you will be able to get is from an experienced emergency dentist. The following are a few of the most common dental problems that are treated by an Emergency Dentist in South Amboy.


One of the most common dental emergencies that is treated by an Emergency Dentist in South Amboy    is an abscess in a tooth. In most cases, this type of infection is caused by lack of good oral hygiene and can be very dangerous if not handled immediately. Usually, an Emergency Dentist in South Amboy will have to drain the infected fluid off of the tooth and then pull it to get rid of the problem.

Broken Teeth

Another very common problem that is treated by an emergency dentist is broken teeth that is usually caused by a blunt trauma to the mouth of an individual. No matter how the broken tooth happened, getting help for it right away is the only way to save the tooth. Usually the emergency dentist will try to save the tooth that is broken, but if that isn’t possible they will have to give you a replacement tooth made out of porcelain. In most cases, the replacement tooth looks just like a natural tooth.

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