Commercial Blacktop in Columbus, Done Right

If your business is considering putting in a parking lot, loading area, or driveway, you have an important question before you; “Concrete or asphalt?” Both materials are rugged and can withstand a lot of wear and tear, so the determining factor is the climate. In a warmer climate you might lean more toward concrete, but with the weather shifts and harsh winters we have, blacktop is the way to go. Because of the freezing and thawing the ground undergoes, the devastating effects of ground heave need to be dealt with. These expansions and contractions can crack any kind of pavement, but blacktop isn’t quite as susceptible, is less expensive to repair, and those repairs are much less noticeable. Because of our climate, we use a lot of road salt in the winter, and asphalt is much less subject to the deterioration it causes than concrete. Finally, an asphalt drive or lot will show stains to a much lesser degree than one made of concrete. Some companies shy away from blacktop because it’s a petroleum-based product, so its price fluctuates along with the cost of oil; but in almost all cases, it is still less expensive to install than concrete.

Once your blacktop has been applied, it should be sealed, and the way that is accomplished has a lot to do with how long it lasts. Experts who know blacktop in Columbus know that to properly seal a job requires two coats of commercial sealant at a minimum. For the best seal, the first coat should be applied with a squeegee machine, to penetrate all of the nooks and crannies, with the second coat being sprayed on.

Truthfully, asphalt does require some regular inspections and maintenance in order to retain its structural integrity and good looks. If your blacktop was not laid down properly to begin with, you may have gaps or voids in the base material which can become cracks and may turn into potholes if not repaired properly and quickly, before the entire area requires an overlay. A company that installs quality blacktop in Columbus will prevent you from having to deal with these issues by using proper base material and ensuring that it is distributed evenly before paving begins.

Hill’s Blacktop, Inc. has been providing excellent commercial blacktop installation and repairs for over 25 years and can deliver the kind of long-lasting driveway, parking lot, drive-through, or loading area that you need.


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