Comedy Clubs in Old Town Offer Laughter For All Ages

This is a game of opposing colors. One team is red and the other is blue, with a referee available to keep score of opposing teams. A crowd is eagerly watching, waiting to be entertained. One audience member volunteers to join the comedy ensemble on stage. Then one of the teams makes a funny gesture that ends with a joke. The audience quickly catches on and howls with laughter. This is not a real sport, but a creative idea that entertains everyone.

Most comedy clubs are reserved for the adult set because of the PG to R material jokes and improvisations. The difference with this club is the jokes are suitable for the entire family. It is rare for this type of venue to host to children, teenagers and adults, but it works. A cleaner version of comedy shouldn’t be reserved only for the over 21 crowd. It also gives families an option for an enjoyable evening out.

At ComedySportz, evening shows offer different games and ideas that keep the show fresh and original. After the show ends, the audience must choose a winner. The audience votes with the loudest applause and the referee makes the call. The volunteer that participated on stage with the cast receives a reward.
Comedy clubs in Old Town, with this type of set up, also work for businesses. Corporations may want a fun and clever way to host meetings, conferences and trade shows. The relaxed setting is way to keep all participants alert and in a positive mood. Examples of what topics are covered include:

1. Customer service- increases retention by learning how to communicate effectively with clients
2. Sales- how to create a positive experience while building relationships
3. Team building- a customized program which strengthens employee morale

These clubs also aim to educate people on comedic improvisation. High school and college classes are available based on the same principles as the business models. A comedy improvisation workshop is available for high school students, where they sharpen their communication and performing skills. Aspiring actors can learn improvisation with either beginner or advanced classes. Birthday parties, holiday events and other special occasions can be hosted for a different and entertaining experience. To learn how to include more laughter into an event at comedy clubs in Old Town, please go to

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