Combining Primary Care, Urgent Care, and Sports Medicine

One of the newest concepts in healthcare is integrated medicine. Patients are able to access a variety of medical treatments in one place. The business concept makes financial sense because the doctors can combine resources and have better facilities. Integrated health facilities even offer mental health treatment. Mental health treatment is available for everyone from the very young to senior citizens. There is more than one doctor, so they are able to work together to help resolve a patient’s issues. Treatment areas include depression, autism, eating disorders and anxiety.

Primary Care is an important part of integrated medicine. The primary care physicians are able to work with other doctors to concentrate on a patient’s overall wellness. They treat medical conditions, and they can refer them to wellness programs like smoking cessation. Patients have an option, in the case of emergencies, to visit the urgent care center. Most facilities have programs on urgent health care in Smyrna TN that are staffed by very experienced doctors. They treat minor wounds, burns, cold and flu, sports injuries and auto accident injuries. Patients can also walk-in and get checked for strep throat and have prescriptions filled on-site.

Good Health Associates, pllc is an example of a medical facility with an integrative approach to medicine. There is a division that deals with sports injuries and physical therapy. The staff consists of trainers, therapists, physicians and rehabilitation specialists. The staff offers a training program for athletes based on athletic fitness and any health issues. The program is designed to prevent injuries in the future.

Primary Care physicians can refer patients to the Lighten Up Program. This weight loss program is divided into two parts. During the initial part, patients are provided with appetite control medicine or a diet plan. They also receive weekly visits and Vitamin B12 injections that help with weight loss. The second part of the program helps patients maintain their weight and lipo laser treatments are available. Occupational medicine is also important at Good Health Associates, pllc. Officials will sponsor corporate wellness programs and even come to the workplace for health screenings. Integrated medicine is the wave of the future. Consumers can take care of all their healthcare needs in one place.

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