Clogged Storm Drains Can Have an Impact on Your Home in Washington DC

Fall is almost here, and with it comes a variety of different weather conditions. Before the snow falls, you will more than likely experience a lot of rain. With the falling leaves and other debris, this could have an impact on storm drains and require stormwater management in Washington DC.

It may not seem like the large drain on the street will have an impact on your home. However, if they get clogged, this could be detrimental to your property. Below are some of the ways a clogged drain could impact you.

Increased Chance of Flooding

Strom drains are in place to ensure that the water from fall rains is removed from the street. Should these get clogged, the water won’t be able to drain as quickly or efficiently as needed. When this happens, the water could then pool. With nowhere else to go, it could back up into your yard and even into your home.

Increased Risk of Contaminants

As water flows over the various surfaces in your neighborhood, it picks up a lot of components. Some of these might include chemicals, pathogens or other substances that are bad for your health. If these can’t go down the storm drain like they are supposed to, you risk the chance of you or your family getting sick from these items.

How to Keep Storm Drains Clean

Keeping storm drains clean is the best course of action to reduce the impacts the weather could have on your house. You may need to call in professionals who do stormwater management in Washington DC if the problem is large enough. Otherwise, removing debris, including falling leaves and garbage, from the surface should allow the water to flow freely.

If you are experiencing issues with your storm drains or want to make sure they are clear for the fall storms, contact Magnolia Plumbing at visit us website. They can also help you with any other plumbing need that might arise.

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