Cleaning Tips That Homeowners Can Use on Their System for Heating And Air in Corona, CA

by | Aug 16, 2013 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Most systems that provide heating and air in Corona CA are designed to last ten or more years. However, in order to achieve this it is important that the unit kept in good working condition through regular cleaning and maintenance. This type of maintenance should be handled at least twice a year. Homeowners can often accomplish this type of work on their own if they have a few tools and some patience.

One of the most important maintenance tasks that a homeowner should be able to handle on their system for Heating And Air in Corona, CA is keeping the unit clean. Many repair issues that a person may face with their system are due to running dirty unit. Dirt and other matter cannot only clog the system and stop various elements from moving or working as they should, but it can also cause the unit to increase the amount of power it uses to operate. If this continues for a period of time, it can decrease the length of time the unit will be able to operate. In addition, the added power usage can increase energy costs as well.

To help in preventing these conditions from occurring it is important that the unit used for Heating And Air in Corona, CA be cleaned regularly. One of the primary ways to make help in keeping the unit clean is by changing the air filter as soon as it becomes so dirty that little light can pass through it. Filters should be changed whenever maintenance is done. It is also extremely important that the homeowner check the filter and replace dirty filters on a monthly basis during times when the unit is being used regularly. This can help in improving the unit’s performance and efficiency as well.

Despite the filter being kept clean, the blower unit of a system for heating and air can still tend to collect a good amount of dirt, hair, dust and other matter. This accumulation of dirt can often prevent various elements from moving as they should or performing the tasks that they are designed to handle. Most homeowners will find that they can clear away a great deal of this dirt by using their household vacuum cleaner and a long nozzle attachment. A damp cloth and a stiff brush can be beneficial in cleaning hard to reach places as well.

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