Clarity and Color with a Rackmount LCD Monitor

by | Apr 25, 2014 | Computer And Internet

A rackmount LCD monitor is a Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) computer monitor that will fit with industry standard racks and cabinets. They have become commonplace among monitors and screens for computers, televisions, clocks and many other devices.

The term rackmount, in the context of electronic hardware, means that equipment is designed to fit within the industry standard racks and cabinets. This can make purchasing a system far easier, and ensure that your equipment will be stored safely and properly. Rackmount may also simply refer to the fact that equipment is stored within a metal framework called a rack. Bays within the rack are meant to hold specific equipment, and the entire setup is made more secure with screws.

An LCD is a kind of display for electronic equipment. It, along with the plasma display, has essentially taken the place of the Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) used in older televisions and computer monitors. LCD is available in a greater size range than plasma display, though more vulnerable to temporary image persistance, or screen burn.

Every pixel of an LCD is made up of a layer of liquid crystal molecules between two polarizing filters and two transparent electrodes. The liquid crystal layer serves to keep the second polarized filter from blocking the light. Although the concept of liquid crystal is over one hundred years old, today’s LCD monitor was not well known until the 1990s.

Monitors, quite simply, display the output of an electronic device, such as a computer. In earlier decades, they were box-like structures containing a CRT, and thus not very portable or space saving. The advancements of LCD and plasma screens have allowed monitors to become smaller, clearer and more attractive. All of this is ideal as we cannot imagine a workspace without numerous monitors. LCD monitors continue to improve, and become more affordable at the same time.

If you need to purchase a new monitor, chances are it will be a rackmount LCD monitor. Consider the size you need, as well as the brand name and reputed performance. There are endless options for purchasing in a store or online, with various inclusions of warranties and other features.

Gone are the days of playing Oregon Trail on the monochromatic tube. Rackmount LCD monitors bring computers and televisions alive with color and clarity in a way that nothing else has before. In fact, the occasional flicker of an LCD screen is one of the most familiar sites many of us see every day!

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