Choosing Your Type of Paint for Interior Painting in San Antonio

If you are thinking about changing the colors of the inside of your home, there are many considerations to make. Once you determine your budget and rooms you want to change, you then have the task of choosing the appropriate colors. At this point, you might think your job is complete; however, if you are worried about the fumes standard paint lets off, you might want to consider eco-friendly choices. Before you hire a professional for interior painting in San Antonio, research your paint choices to make the decision that is the safest for your family.


Volatile organic chemicals, or VOCs, are the harmful chemicals found in paint. While it might be a smell many people actually enjoy, it has many harmful health effects. These compounds are filled with carbons that actually vaporize into the air long after you are finished painting. Finding low VOC choices are a good idea for those who are concerned about these chemicals. At the moment, there is no regulation that monitors paint for home use; typically, low VOC options have less than 50 grams per liter.

Zero VOC

Zero VOC paint is a good choice for those who suffer from respiratory issues or allergies. Even though the name suggests there are no VOCs present, there can still be up to five grams per liter. When this type is used for interior painting in San Antonio, there is little odor, making it a friendlier choice for anyone, but especially those with any type of sensitivity.

Natural Paint

Natural paints offer even less VOCs than their counterparts and are made from completely natural ingredients. The typical ingredients include clay, lime and chalk. It is important to understand that just because the word natural terms this paint, it is not 100 percent VOC free. The ingredients that make up this substance could contain VOCs as well, which might affect people who are sensitive.

When you are considering hiring a professional interior painting in San Antonio, you should consider the amount of VOCs you want to subject your family to. If you will be having many rooms in your home painted, it might be a good choice to choose a low or even zero VOC choice. This will enable you to remain in the home rather comfortably as long as you are able to create some ventilation throughout the house.

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