Choosing the Right System for School Security in Atlanta

Education should be about creating forward thinking individuals who will make our country proud and prosperous over the next century. But with the recent string of school shootings and violence occurring across the United States, a growing number of schools are looking into increasing their level of school security in Atlanta. With the many options available to schools today, it can be hard to choose the right one. We have the points that you should be considering and some security tips to help you arrive at the best system that will keep your students and staff safe.

Step 1: Evaluate Your Community

Some types of crime are more prominent in some areas than others, and others may be a chronic problem. Is vandalism your school’s greatest problem or theft, or perhaps violent crime? Make note of the types of safety issues that are of the greatest concern to you and those attending the school. This will go a long way in you choosing the type of school security system you need.

Step 2: Survey the Premises

Once you’ve evaluated the greatest threats to your school, it is time to do a walk around and survey the institution. While performing a walk-around, look for:

  • Any possible entrances: These are vulnerable security points that you will likely want to have items such a security camera in place for surveillance. Entrances may include doors, windows, or even air vents and power lines.
  • Lighting on the property: Well-lit areas serve as a deterrent to vandals and criminals while poorly lit areas of the property welcome crime. These areas would be best served with motion sensors or flood lights, or even infrared surveillance cameras.
  • Internal security: Any vulnerable parts within the building should have security access points (i.e. numerical code pads, fingerprint door locks, identification cards), and rooms with valuable or sensitive information should be outfitted with a security camera.

Many individuals find putting themselves in the shoes of a criminal to be helpful. Think about how you would go about trying to steal valuable equipment or gain unauthorized access to sensitive information. Think about how would you go about doing so from inside or from outside of the building.

Step 3: Checking Your Options

There are a few choices when it comes to choosing the best school security system or company in Atlanta, but the best choice is often that which offers the most options. From a security system standpoint, you will at a minimum want options such as:

  • Video surveillance
  • Lighting installation
  • 24 hour mobile patrol
  • Access control
  • Electronic monitoring systems

Strongly consider companies who are able to install security equipment as well as perform regular maintenance on it. The best school security companies will keep up to date on the latest security, surveillance innovations and technology to ensure that your premises are always properly protected.

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