Choosing the right shaped Deck for your home

Get it done right, the first time. When designing your decking there are several important factors you should consider. The placement of your decking is very important, so when designing the layout, it’s best practise to consider the functionality of the decking and how it will integrate with your garden layout. For example, should the rear of your home have turf right up to the entrance of the home? Consideration for decking from the entrance, for example, may make life at home a fair bit easier! You may stop the elements coming through the home or you may choose to make the most of the grassed area for entertaining, here’s some tips when deciding…

Choosing Your Deck Shape

Check the angles. In a perfect world, your lawn won’t slant or have any ‘drop offs’ If you’re having your deck outside your back door, then you may want to consider slanting the edges of the deck, By doing this, you can help to free up space in your garden as well as having long lasting durable flooring installed, adding value to your home as well as saving on maintenance cost’s. Having a layout in mind when planning your design will put you in good stead for a getting it done right, the first time.

Getting Ideas for Your Decking

It’s always a good idea to have a look at some work that has been completed by some of the major suppliers around Australia. There you can see completed work in a vast range of colours and installations. One of Australia’ largest’s suppliers of eco friendly decking has plenty of design idea’s that can be found here (link) You can see the different layouts, colours and installations completely set up. You can also see how the colour works with the surrounding environment, and this can give you a lot of insight when it comes to choosing the best colour for your outdoor area. Whatever you choose, you will always make the right decision if you research and plan properly.

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