Choosing the Right Material for your Driveway

by | Oct 22, 2013 | Construction and Maintenance

If you’re looking to have a new driveway laid at home, then you might be wondering which type of material to choose. From tiles to concrete, tarmac or brick, which is the best material for your driveway? There are a number of factors to consider including cost, maintenance, durability and of course style, so here are a few tips to help you choose the right material for your new driveway.

Professional installation

When it comes to driveways in Cheltenham, always appoint a professional contractor to install your new driveway. You might think it seems simple to lay a new brick driveway or apply tarmac to a surface yourself, but the reality is very different, and you could end up costing yourself even more money for a repair job! You should always use the services of a professional contractor to ensure that your new driveway looks great.

Think about cost

Look at your available budget and consider which type of driveway would best suit your needs. By speaking to a professional contractor that specialises in laying driveways in Cheltenham, you can find out which materials are the most affordable. Generally, tarmac or gravel driveways will cost the least, although concrete is also cost-effective in the longer term, thanks to its durability.

Choose your style

Look at your home’s existing architecture and design to choose the style of driveway that would be best. Contemporary home can look stunning with a coloured tarmac or paver driveway, whilst bricks are also a popular choice for many new estates. Bear in mind that if you’re living in a development where everyone has similar driveways, you don’t want to pick something which looks completely different or you risk spoiling the look of the area. Whilst brick driveways can be expensive to install, you can choose which colour of bricks you would like, so you can select a colour to complement your home.

Weather resistant

Most materials used for driveways in Cheltenham are designed to be weather resistant, but some may require more maintenance than others. For the perfect, low maintenance option, a tarmac driveway will require very little care – cracks can be easily and quickly fixed, and there’s no expensive preparatory work to carry out, as tarmac can be laid over your existing driveway.

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