Choosing The Right Company For Your Commercial Property Cleaning Needs

The average Maryland area professional office cleaning company leaves carpet cleaning to normal cleaning staff. Commercial property cleaning, specifically carpets, involves extra attention to ensure that carpeting looks fresh and clean all the time. For this reason, you should look for a special Maryland area office cleaning contractor that can handle regular cleaning tasks as well as carpets.

The Highest Standards

A cleaning company with employees that are specifically trained and certified in the cleaning, refreshing and reviving of commercial carpet is important. Certification from the Carpet and Rug Institute is a plus, as is continuous training. After all, carpet technology is constantly evolving – in both the creation and maintenance.

With commercial property cleaning, carpeting is a key part of the job. If the carpet does not look fresh, it can detract from the professionalism and appearance of your business. Seek a Maryland or D.C. metro area janitorial company that uses the best cleaning products and equipment that typical cleaning companies do not have. Reducing your exposure to harmful cleaning chemicals by using only eco-friendly products is a significant option to fulfill.

Several Approved Cleaning Methods To Choose From

Your cleaning company should have several different cleaning methods for carpeting based on your requirements and manufacturer’s suggestions. With commercial property cleaning of carpets, some services to consider include:

  • Hot water extraction – Hot water and a cleaning solution is used which not only cleans carpets but also sanitizes them, without leaving a soapy residue which attracts future dirt and stains.
  • Encapsulation – A dry method of carpet cleaning used at casinos, this method is environmentally friendly. Carpet typically dries within an hour and prevents soiling from happening so quickly.
  • Bonnet cleaning – A buffing machine with a cloth material is used for cleaning. The heat produced by the rapid spinning pulls dirt out from the carpet and into the cloth “bonnet”. This option uses biodegradable cleaning solutions with little water for an overall efficiency.

Additional cleaning options to look for include carpet restoration, upholstery and fabric cleaning of furniture and cubicle and partition walls and even special carpet treatment to reduce static charge. Why choose office cleaning contractors that do not offer full cleaning services? Choose a company that can handle all your commercial property cleaning needs in the Maryland area.

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