Choosing the Rain Umbrella That Is Right for You

Not all umbrellas are created equally. Some are designed for lighter use, others as a sun shade for outdoor activities like playing golf or lounging at the beach. If you are in the market for a rain umbrella, then there are a few things to look for that will help you to set them apart from other the other kinds of umbrellas out there.


This kind of umbrella will have some form of water-resistant material. Larger umbrellas that are designed for use during heavy downpours are likely to have thick, somewhat heavy material that feels a little stiff to the touch. Smaller, lighter models will generally feel like satiny plastic to the touch. This is because a lighter models generally use water-resistant synthetic materials to help keep the water from seeping through the fabric.

The heavy material is what sets a rain umbrella apart from umbrellas that are designed to provide shade. Beach and golf umbrellas are made from lighter material, and sometimes they have canopies that are more than one piece of material! This allows them to have better ventilation and makes them great for their intended purpose, but it also means that you need a different kind of umbrella during bad weather than you need during good weather.


You can find them in almost any size, and choosing the best one for you can be a bit of a challenge. The smallest sizes tend to also be collapsible, allowing the user to retract the length of the rain umbrella to store it in a bag or glove compartment. These are super convenient, but if you carry a bag or you are a larger person, sometimes they will not cover you and everything you carry. Larger models will take up a little more storage space once you get inside, but they cover more area.


The ribs, stretchers, and other parts of the body of an umbrella are just as important as the material that the canopy is made from. When selecting yours, make sure that the construction is solid and that the parts move smoothly. Remember, you want to be able to open your rain umbrella quickly in bad weather. You want to make sure that you select one that has solid construction and that also feels comfortable in your hands. You also might want to think about the weight. Solid body umbrellas have a bit more heft, but they can be easier to control in the wind. Tube umbrellas, on the other hand, will be easier to hold up because they are lighter.

A rain umbrella is specially designed to help in bad weather, and they are sturdier than other kinds. When you are out shopping, make sure that you choose a rain umbrella to cover all of your needs during inclement weather. Visit Raintec Umbrella.

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