Choosing the best kitchen design in Stortford

by | Aug 25, 2020 | Home Improvement

In many homes the kitchen is at the heart of family life, it is full of entertainment, energy and family fun. Then there are kitchens that are a virtual wasteland, rarely seeing any activity at all. There are always good reasons for why one home is one way another home is virtually the opposite but what can be said is that good kitchen design bishops in Stortford can take the dull kitchen and bring it up to par with the exciting one, turn it into a place where people want to be, where conversation comes natural and the place is full of warmth. The only thing it takes is a budget, an understanding of your own personal likes and dislikes and the functionality aspect.

If you want your kitchen to be more than a place to boil potatoes then think about the needs of the people who you want using it. If you want your youngsters to be experimental in the kitchen, then drawers that easily accessible to them and work surfaces that are easy to clean are prerequisites. Do you want it to be an inviting space for tea and cookies with your neighbors or are you interested into fitting every electric kitchen gadget known to man in the kitchen, somehow. When the kitchen design in Bishops Stortford takes the real needs of the residents of the home, there is a far better chance that it will be a kitchen that is thoroughly enjoyed rather than a kitchen that simply looks good.

If you live in an apartment, you may have limitations on your kitchen creativity but you are not stopped dead in your tracks. Don’t paint the walls or cabinets, get some removable decals to spice the room up, take the basic drawer pulls and door handles off and replace them with something quirky, just make sure you keep the originals for when you move.

In a small kitchen the key is efficiency in space utilization and movement. Take full advantage of the backsplash, hang spice racks and small shelves that can be used for bottles, etc and install them between the counter surface and the underside of the cabinets. If the kitchen has minimal counter space, buy a portable kitchen cart than can be moved around to where it is needed most.

Kitchen design can be made a lot easier when a professional is brought in. Noble Construction have redesigned many kitchens, many of which are complete renovations, others are just certain areas like cabinets or countertops.

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