Choosing Flooring And Industrial Floor Coatings For Restaurants

There are many different options for in flooring for restaurants. The style of your restaurant from fast food locations to upscale dining will have an impact on the type of flooring or industrial floor coatings you wish to use. They are a good option for the front of the restaurant, but the kitchen area can also look beautiful with the use of these products.

For The Front

With the variety of colors, designs and textures available in industrial floor coatings these are often a much better option for the front of the restaurant as well as the kitchen area. With colors and patterns that can be applied to look like brick, tile or even terra cotta it isn’t difficult to realize why these flooring options are so popular.

The advantages of using industrial floor coatings instead of tile or carpeting in the restaurant area include safety, ease of clean up and durability of the floor. Unlike tile, linoleum or carpeting there is no need to worry about chipping, tearing or surface damage from impacts, chairs or even heavy traffic in entrances. The most walked areas of the floor will have long lasting natural beauty and not look old and worn within a few months of installation.

In the front as well as in the kitchen area industrial floor coatings can be applied which are non-skid. Not only is this beneficial to wait staff but it is also important for the safety of your patrons.

For the Kitchen

Anyone who has worked in a kitchen of a restaurant knows the beating the floor takes in a day. There are spills, drops, water and all types of substances slopped on different parts of the floor. In addition, there can be extreme heat around industrial ovens and even dish drying units as well as a lot of moisture around sink areas.

In these situations, industrial floor coatings designed to be waterproof, stain resistant, and antibacterial as well as non-skid are a must. Staff will have better footing and floors will be much easier to clean and sanitize at the end of a busy day.

In addition, just like with the front of the restaurant, the durability and long life of industrial floor coatings makes them a cost saving option. This is certainly true over tile or other types of flooring that quickly shows the wear and tear of a commercial kitchen.

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