Choosing Designer Eyeglasses and Sunglasses in Chicago

When considering new eyeglasses and sunglasses in Chicago, it is important to make sure that you choose the right pair. Unless you are extremely wealthy, you probably can’t buy multiple sets of eyeglasses, so it is important to choose one, possibly two sets that will work well with your lifestyle, personality and more. Whether you want a youthful look or a more sophisticated look, you can achieve it by the right eyewear.

Business Eyewear

Designer options make anymore look more businesslike and serious. You can choose from many shapes, but rectangles, almond and oval options seem the most business appropriate. There are many color choices, as well, including silver, brown, gray, gold and black.

If you are looking for Designer Eyeglasses in Chicago, consider stainless steel or rimless options, for that sleek business-man look.

Men may prefer more silver or gunmetal options, as they are conservative options that work well with any business suit. You may also want to consider black or brown, though if you regularly wear, black, blue and brown suits, you may need to change your eyeglasses or sunglasses to match.

Creative or Fashion Options

If you are looking for a more fashionable option, you may want to consider thicker and bigger frames. In some cases, you may be able to find metal frames that are more modern-looking, as well. Many women and men can pull off the “oversized” sunglasses look and should consider different colors, such as green or purple. You may also want multiple colors or animal prints for that wacky or creative look. Anything that looks funky and that you love will be perfect.


Older people want to look stylish too, and they can if they choose uplifting frames, such as cat-eye shapes for ladies and rounded rectangles for men. You may also want to consider particular colors that will make you look younger, such as dark browns, burgundy and gunmetal for men and shiny, light colors for ladies.

Women tend to look best when they are older if they use lighter color options, for both hair and eyeglasses. Avoid black, dull colors, silver and anything dark.

Weekend Fun

For those that want office eyewear and weekend eyewear, consider sport sunglasses or regular glasses, if you prefer to be outdoors and active. You may also want to consider polarized sunglass lenses if you enjoy outdoor sports, such as skiing and boating. Neon colors and stripes are sometimes chosen for the fun look.

If you are interested in designer eyeglasses and sunglasses in Chicago, then you should consider Tropical Optical Corp for help making your decision.

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