Choosing Bathtub Conversions in San Antonio

by | Jan 23, 2014 | Construction and Maintenance

Some people do not use a bathtub in their main bathroom. Likewise people with mobility problems need solutions like a walk-in tub to make bathing easier. Both of these instances are reasons for bathtub conversions in San Antonio, Texas homes. If you are considering making a change like a bathtub to shower conversion or having your standard tub replaced with a walk-in tub, you should know the aspects of choosing to convert your bathtub.

What do you do more, shower or bath?

If you are thinking of making the conversion from bathtub to shower, first consider what you do the most. Do you bath more, or do you shower more. Most people shower more, but enjoy the occasional bath to relax. If you shower more and are less interested in bathing or soaking in a bathtub, converting to a shower instead of a bathtub is a good solution.

Do you have more than one bathroom?

If you have two bathrooms in your home, you can covert one with a shower only and leave the bathtub in the other. If you have only one bathroom you will have to determine if you prefer a bathtub, shower, or combination for your needs. It is all about what you need or want in your bathroom.

Do you want a spa experience?

Many homeowners are turning their bathtub area into a luxury shower suite complete with a comfortable place to sit and shower panels instead of just a standard shower head. This is for people who want to turn their bathroom into an oasis where they can relax and unwind. You do not need a bathtub to enjoy a spa-like bathroom experience.

Do you have mobility problems?

If you or a loved one has mobility problems that make bathing and/or showering a hassle, a walk-in tub is a good solution. You can replace your old tub with a walk-in tub and enjoy bathing again. These units can come with features that make bathing easier and more enjoyable for anyone.

When you are ready to make a bathtub conversion or bathroom remodel, professional contractors that offer bathtub conversions in San Antonio, Texas can help. They handle every aspect of the job from consulting and estimates to planning and implementation of your bathroom project. Shaw Company Remodeling professionals will work with you on your project to ensure you are satisfied with the outcome. Visit the website for more information.

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