Choose the Right Horse Insurance for Your Needs

You finally achieved the dream of owning your own horse. Congratulations! With all the costs that are associated with ownership, such as feeding, stable fees, medical care, and equipment, you definitely want to be sure that you have enough and the correct types of horse insurance to meet your needs.

Benefits of Horse Insurance

Not only will horse insurance give you greater peace of mind, but it can also provide you with security and financial support if the worst should happen. What can horse insurance cover:

  • If, in the worst-case scenario, your horse dies from an illness or an accident, a policy can indemnify you for the dollar amount that you paid for the horse.
  • In the case where your horse has gotten loose or has been stolen, there are policies that will cover the cost of advertising for its safe return and some that may even cover the cost of a reward as well particularly in the case of show, race, or dressage horses.
  • Your tack is expensive and your saddle while not only expensive may have been custom fitted specifically for you. If you had to replace any or all of this at one time without the benefit of insurance coverage, due to theft, accident, or other damage the cost could very well be prohibitive.
  • When your horse requires the services of a veterinarian the cost of the call out can be hefty. When you add in any testing required such as x-rays, treatment and rehabilitation, and medications then the bill can become exorbitant. Having an insurance policy that covers veterinarian fees can save you a huge amount of money yearly.

These are only some of the specific types of horse insurance that you may require. If you are looking for the best place to get equine insurance which is tailored to your individual needs, then Harbin Equine and Farm Agency is the agency for you.

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