Choose Home Remodeling in New Albany, OH Over Moving Your Family

As your family grows, it’s almost inevitable that you’ll start feeling more crowded in your home. Some people see that as a sign that it’s time to move to a larger house, but there are situations in which you’re better off staying where you are rather than moving. You may live close to your job or extended family, or you might want your children to stay in the same schools. You may just love your neighborhood. If the only reason you’re considering moving is lack of space, remodeling could be a better option for you. Companies such as Custom Home and Hearth, who does home remodeling in New Albany, OH, can help you find the extra room your family needs.

The most commonly remodeled rooms in the home are the kitchen and the bathroom. A kitchen remodel can eliminate the kind of old and inefficient design seen in kitchens from 30 years ago or more. Reorienting your kitchen to improve traffic flow, installing an island and replacing old cabinets and counter tops with new materials are all part of an overall kitchen remodeling job. Your kitchen’s old, worn flooring can be replaced with new, high-tech flooring designed to stand up to lots of traffic and wear.

A remodeled bathroom is just as desirable as a remodeled kitchen. If you’d like to upgrade your old bathroom to include a whirlpool tub or replace the old sink that is showing signs of wear, a home remodeling company can help you. You might have someone in your family who is no longer able to step into or out of a tub easily. A shower enclosure is the answer to the problem of providing bath facilities for all your family members. Updated vanities, cabinets and tile floors will also give your bathroom a fresh look.

Custom Home and Hearth is an experienced company that offers Home Remodeling in New Albany, OH. The company focuses on remodeling bathrooms and kitchens as well as installing indoor and outdoor fireplaces. A designer will work with you to transfer your ideas to paper. Contractors who are licensed and bonded will then do the work to turn that design into a remodeled room you’ll use and love for many years. When you don’t want to leave your home but it no longer works for your family, remodeling is the answer.

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