Choose a Pet Clinic When You Need a Veterinarian in Queens, NY

by | Mar 3, 2014 | Animal Health

After you bring home a new pet, the next thing to do is find a trusted veterinarian to care for them. In general it is best to choose a vet associated with an animal hospital, because they can offer a wide range of important services. When your pet is the patient of a facility such as Howard Beach Animal Clinic, they get a veterinarian in Queens, NY who can provide:

* WELL PET CARE: Pet clinics can provide well-animal care that begins at birth, and is designed to help your pets lead long, healthy lives. Scheduled care includes careful exams, vaccinations, micro chipping, spaying, neutering, and dentistry. Vets will advise you about nutrition, home dental care, exercise, and training. Wellness visits also allow them to spot any problems.

* EMERGENCY CARE: Unlike stand-alone practices, facilities such as Howard Beach Clinic provide 24/7 emergency pet services. That means that you can reach them quickly when your pet is sick or injured, and they will explain how to transport them. A vet will examine your pet immediately after you arrive. The veterinarian will be able to offer a quick diagnosis, since clinics are equipped with high-tech equipment that includes x-rays, labs, and more. They often include pharmacies as well, so you can get medication quickly. The hospital’s Veterinarian in Queens, NY will also be able to perform emergency surgeries and procedures.


* BOARDING: You may board your pet at the clinic where they receive their health care. Pets are provided with comfortable, temperature controlled glass kennels. This ensures that they do not feel isolated. They are fed healthy diets, or you can bring their own food. Staff members constantly monitor your pet family member when they stay over. Clinics provide boarding options for overnight or brief stays, daycare, and vacations. Since the clinic offers full-service grooming, you may choose to board your pet on days when they are having salon days.

* PET-FRIENDLY STAFF: When you use an established clinic, your pet is cared for by an experienced staff of lifelong pet lovers, who provide compassionate care.
Howard Beach Animal Clinic is staffed by well-trained, experienced animal lovers who can provide outstanding wellness and emergency care for your animal. They also offer boarding facilities designed to reduce animal stress and keep pets comfortable.

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