Chimney Repairs in Suffolk County NY

It is an alarming observation that numerous people take their chimneys for granted, yet chimney safety is equivalent to safety from any other fire hazards. It is important that you be conversant with the telltale signs of chimney damage. Below are some common indications that you need Chimney Repair in Suffolk County NY.

White staining or efflorescence

If you realize that your chimney is exhibiting a white discoloration, you will need to have the chimney repaired as opposed to attempting to remove the staining. Efflorescence is normally an indication of excessive moisture in the masonry, which is caused by damaged crown or mortar joints or a missing crown or chimney cap. Failure to deal with this problem will lead to deterioration of the chimney in addition to the other moisture related problems.

Damaged mortar joints

Malfunctioning mortar joints will expose the bricks to more moisture, which could lead to accelerated damage to the entire chimney. When water makes its way into the masonry, the cracks get even bigger due to freezing and thawing. Failure to address this problem could necessitate the replacement of the chimney within no time.

The presence of rust

This is often a clear indication of the presence of excess moisture in the chimney. If you realize that there is some rust on the damper, or the damper does not operate properly, you should know that it is as a result of rust. Rusting could be a warning sign of grave damages such as cracked flue tiles, thus it should be addressed with utmost urgency.

Damaged chimney crown

The purpose of a chimney crown is to protect the chimney structure from harsh weather. A damaged crown, which is normally manifested by cracking, allows moisture to seep between the chimney and the flue lining, causing spalling and shaling. You may avoid this problem by weatherproofing the chimney crown.

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