Celebrating a Life and Coping With Grief From the Burial Service and Beyond

Death is an inevitable aspect of life though it’s never the same for anyone. Whether a life ends suddenly and unexpectedly or a family has months to prepare for what’s to come, their grief is no less. It’s simply different. When someone passes into the afterlife which wasn’t able to plan ahead for their funeral, those end-of-life preparations can be overwhelming for loved ones left behind.

A number of elements must be decided, from the casket in which the one dear to your heart will be laid to rest to who will be asked to speak at the Burial Service. You don’t have to go through this process alone. Numerous resources are available from compassionate and experienced professionals who understand your heartache. This same support team can also help you find ways of expressing grief and commemorating your loved one in the most fitting manner possible.

Some find considerable solace in playing the departed’s favorite music during visitation or serving his or her favorite foods to guests during the memorial service. Others take comfort in planting a tree in memory of a lost loved one, allowing them to live on in this way even after their spirit has gone. Still, many learn laughter truly is the best medicine by sharing humorous and heartwarming stories with others who knew their friend or family member well.

Grief doesn’t suddenly stop at the closing of the Burial Service, so Crown Hill Funeral Home and Cemetery offers encouragement long after this point. They furnish access to support groups, post stories from others experiencing various similar circumstances, and act as a liaison between those suffering and counselors providing further assistance. Friends, family members, caregivers, and others involved are all included in these services.

Whether losing a parent, dearest friend, or beloved family pet, funeral services should, in some way, celebrate the life of the one lost and told a story unique to them. At the same time, these proceedings need to help loved ones cope with their loss and find comfort in the days to come. Through aid in planning the service and working out all the meaningful details, helping families follow through with those arrangements and providing support long afterward, funeral home staff members are available throughout the grieving process. You can follow them on Twitter.

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