CDL Benefits of Truck Driving – Money, Freedom, and a Good Job

Would you like to attend a truck driver training school? If you’re not satisfied with the job you have now, it’s not difficult to make a change. Whether you’re male or female, schools are available to teach you how to drive the big rigs across the country. If you want to be an over the road (OTR) professional truck driver, you’re going to need at least 160 hours of training, and a class A CDL license, to drive a combination tractor/trailer. If you want to drive a straight truck in Chicago and the surrounding areas, you’ll study for the class B CDL license that requires 200 to 240 hours of training.

One school that’s been in operation since 1992, is the Star Truck Driving School. Like other schools in the area, they offer small classes with good student camaraderie and fine trainers who have also worked as truck drivers. Each student must have 40 hours of classroom study and the balance of hours required will be in actual truck driver training. Each student must acquire a permit that requires passing some written tests. The school will assist students with the knowledge to get their permit. Training is provided giving each student the skills they need to get a truck driving job and enjoy the CDL benefits they worked very hard to get.

Students must have a Department of Transportation (DOT) physical and drug test before they can be accepted into the training. A student can also expect random drug testing throughout his/her training. Truck drivers care about and watch out for each other when driving on the open road. Their CDL benefits allow them to enjoy their freedom, traveling, and the kind of work they do. Most people don’t consider how the goods they’re using each day made it to their nearest store. This should remind each student of the pride they should have in becoming a full fledged truck driver.
If you want to attend a good truck driving school, choose one that offers various forms of financing. Choose one that has smaller classes ensuring each student receives individualized attention. After the classroom study, truck driver training, and passing all tests, students leave school with a sense of confidence they never experienced before, along with a new found freedom.

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