Cases Handled By A Personal Injury Lawyer In Sacramento

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Cases Handled By A Personal Injury Lawyer In Sacramento

A personal injury lawyer in Sacramento comprehends the personal injury law provisions and regulations that protect the rights of individuals who are injured due to acts of negligence. These laws encompass injuries that are physically, emotionally, or mentally-based in nature. They related to acts of negligence due to actions that are performed by physical or verbal means. For example, defamation is a form of personal injury.

Defamation of Character

Defamation of character relates to statements that could damage an individual’s credibility and presence within the public eye. These statements are spoken, which is considered slander, or they are published in print or online media, which is classified as libel. In a defamation claim, you must first prove that the statements are untrue by providing evidence to disprove the other individual’s claim. You must also gather evidence of your emotional distress.

Special Damages

A Personal Injury Lawyer in Sacramento will explain that special damages apply to compensation that is awarded due to emotional distress or pain and suffering. The value of the compensation is based on the severity of your personal injury. Physical injuries typically receive higher compensation amounts than mental or emotional injuries. However, it is the severity of the injury and the evidentiary support that backs up the claim that affects the value of your received compensation.

Payment of Your Compensation

In personal-injury law cases, compensation is typically a settlement amount. The judge may order a lump sum option to provide the injured individual with an immediate solution. Alternately, the judge may place the compensation into a structured settlement which allows the defendant of a lawsuit to pay a specific amount over time. Another option is to seek out an advance which you can discuss with your attorney to determine whether or not you are eligible.

Non-taxable Income

Compensation that is awarded in a lawsuit is non-taxable income in most cases. However, if your personal injury awarded compensation is used in any way to replace your lost wages, that portion of your settlement becomes taxable as it is considered wages. You should consult your preferred attorney regarding which settlements are considered nonexempt.

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