Caring For Palm Trees in San Antonio

For homeowners or even business owners, having palm trees in the landscape can really beautify the area. There are some necessary things to know after the palm trees are purchased, though. Here are a few tips about caring for Palm Trees in San Antonio from the experts.

* Palm trees are heavily dependent on the soil surrounding them, even more so than traditional trees. For this reason, the soil cannot be compacted or devoid of nutrients, such as is typical of the soil found in urban settings. If the palm trees are to be planted in an urban setting, the soil will most likely need to be replaced.

* If the palm tree is a new one, it absolutely needs to be watered twice weekly. This is essential to the health of the tree. The amount of water should be sufficient to be able to penetrate roughly 18 inches of the surrounding soil. If the soil happens to be of a more sandy nature, it will be necessary to add more water as sand does not keep moisture as well as more traditional soil.

* If the palm has been in the soil for awhile, the watering frequency will vary depending upon climate, but in most areas, they can be watered approximately twice a month in the summer months and about every six months during the winter.

* According to peer-reviewed university research, the optimal fertilizer mix is IFAS 8-2-12. This specific mixture is available under many brand names and is available at most home improvement stores, gardening stores, and of course, online. Palm trees have a very different nutritional requirement versus other trees. Therefore traditional fertilizer mixtures will not provide adequate sustainability.

* When pruning the fronds, only yellowing or brown fronds should be removed. If the fronds are removed while still young, it can actually take nutrients away from the tree. Never prune more fronds from Palm Trees in San Antonio than were actually grown in a particular year. This can have a deleterious effect on the number of new fronds that are grown the next year.

If interested in planting palm trees, one can find more information from local tree service companies, gardening stores or even by inquiring from people who already have palm trees in their yards. Palms are an excellent and most beautiful additional wherever they dwell.

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