Carbondale SSD Lawyer: Disability Applications & Appeals

Filing for disability is typically seen as a long and fairly intimidating process. Navigating the various policies and procedures alone can be both tiresome and nerve-wracking, especially if your claim is denied. An experienced Carbondale SSD lawyer can help lessen the stress of filing for benefits and will work hard in pursuit of a favorable outcome in your case. Whether this is your first time applying or your claim has been denied, a skilled attorney will know how to improve your chances of being approved and how to begin the application or appeals process.

Filing For Benefits

If feasible, it’s generally recommended that individuals apply for disability at a Social Security office, as they’re able to speak directly with a claims representative. However, those who are unable to apply in person can easily do so over the phone or the Internet. In addition to medical evidence, you’ll also need to provide several other documents, such as a birth certificate, W-2 forms, self-employment forms, proof of citizenship, military discharge papers, and other important files. Consulting an attorney will help shed light on the records you need to gather, and any pieces of evidence that would be beneficial to your claim. Many disability law firms will even help file the initial application for you.

Length Of The Process

How long the process takes depends on your case, and how many appeals are necessary. It’s usually difficult to tell how long it will take for a claim to process. Some cases are approved on the initial application, and benefits are issued in a few months; however, this is rare. In most cases, it is necessary to go through multiple appeals and a hearing. It’s not uncommon for applicants to wait a year or two for their case to be approved and for payment to be issued. Hiring an attorney doesn’t always equal a speedier filing process; however, a Carbondale SSD Lawyer can make sure that your case is presented most favorably, that all supporting evidence is submitted, and that you have the best possible opportunity of approval. A competent disability law firm can help you to avoid common mistakes and delays in processing your claim.

Appealing A Denial

As alarming as a denial from SSA sounds, it’s not uncommon for applicants to receive notice of disapproved claim. Claimants who are denied by SSA are usually advised to appeal the decision. There are several reasons why individuals are denied benefits, such as insufficient medical records, or unfavorable facts in a case. An attorney can help you determine what your best course of action is, and what improvements can be made to strengthen your case.

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