Can I Take Massage Therapy Classes Online?

by | Jul 23, 2021 | Massage Therapy

If you want to become a massage therapist, you might be wondering what kind of schooling is required. In today’s technology-driven world, it seems everything is available online. Most brick-and-mortar schools offer online classes in place of physical classes. Some even allow you to get your entire degree online. So, what about massage therapy classes?

Can I Get My Certification Online?

Yes, a student can get their massage therapy certification online. More schools offer the certification online than ever before because it provides more flexibility and is more convenient than attending a traditional school. However, just because you can take your massage therapy classes online doesn’t mean that you should.

Problems with Taking Classes Online

The most significant problem with getting your certification online is that to get licensed you need a specific number of hours with hands-on training. This means you can take your basic classes online, but you still have to supplement those classes with hands-on experience. Failure to get these hours means you won’t be licensed to practice.

Another downfall to taking these classes online is how hands-on massage therapy is in general. You are literally using your hands on every patient you see. The only way to master the various massage techniques is to practice them in person. This can be harder to come by in an online environment.

If you decide to take your massage therapy classes online, make sure you figure out how to get the hands-on practice you will need. Your best bet is to choose a school that offers a hybrid model, some online classes and some in person.

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