Can Chiropractors In St. Louis Treat Migraines?

by | Apr 28, 2014 | Chiropractic

When a migraine strikes, the pain is often overwhelming and can stop a person from being able to think clearly and function normally. Migraine sufferers frequently find over-the-counter products to be ineffective at treating their symptoms, which may disrupt their daily lives. Fortunately, chiropractors in St. Louis are trained to treat migraines using a variety of proven strategies.

What strategies do chiropractors use to relieve migraines?

Chiropractors treat current pain and also reduce the likelihood of it occurring in the first place. These practitioners are trained to use preventive measures, lifestyle changes and same-day procedures to reduce pain when it occurs.

How do chiropractors help prevent migraines?

Chiropractors look at the alignment of the spine to make sure it is not causing issues. Patients are often surprised when they learn that spine alignment problems are contributing to their migraines. Spinal manipulation is useful for preventing migraines in many cases. Dietary restrictions, supplements and postural changes may also be necessary.

Why do chiropractors sometimes recommend dietary changes?

Some foods are known to trigger migraines and make them worse. Patients may need to avoid dairy products, nuts, beans, certain fruits and vegetables. An elimination diet can help to determine whether any of these food sources are making things worse for a patient. Supplements may also be used to reduce the frequency and length of attacks.

What are the benefits of having migraines treated at a chiropractic center?

Chiropractors can treat migraines without using drugs. In contrast, doctors rely heavily on painkillers and medications that are often dangerous and cause unwanted side effects. These problems may be averted by seeking treatment at a reputable chiropractic center. This advantage is a primary reason many migraine suffers choose chiropractic treatment.

Unfortunately, many people fail to realize that they can visit a chiropractor for safe migraine treatment. They are missing out on services that could make a drastic improvement in their quality of life. Harmful medications can be avoided by many patients who visit chiropractors regularly.

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