Can a Worker’s Compensation Attorney in Suffolk County, NY, Help You File a Claim?

Filing a worker’s compensation claim should be a straightforward process, especially when your medical evidence for the injury is clear and obvious. Yet there are those who would deny the much needed benefits in order to avoid paying out a claim. You shouldn’t have to spend this time worrying about getting enough money to pay the bills. Talk to a Worker’s Compensation Attorney in Suffolk County, NY, about getting help with your claim.

Before you can file a claim for an injury that you received while on the job, you need to make sure it is a valid one. That is, you have to be working at a location that is required by law to carry compensation insurance as not every business needs to have it. The injury, sickness or disability that you sustained has to be as a result of your occupation and were received while you doing your job for your employer. Your employer has to be notified within 30 days of the incident, and it has to be in writing. Finally, you need a medical statement that specifically says that your injury came about as a result of a condition or accident at your job.

Even though you have clear and concise evidence that your injuries were received while on the job, there are those who would dispute your claim. This is where a Worker’s Compensation Attorney in Suffolk County, NY comes into play.

There are two parties involved in processing your claim: the insurance company and your employer. While your employer cannot stop you from actually filing a claim, it can dispute it and put your benefits at jeopardy. The insurance company can take a look at your case and decide you don’t have a claim because your evidence is insufficient for various reasons. Both of these situations can be handled by a lawyer in order to push forward so your claim can begin. You’ve done everything right, you were the one who suffered the injuries and loss of income, and you shouldn’t be denied the financial help you need.

If you need help with filing a claim because you’re meeting with resistance, contact the law office of Gilbert, Blaszcyk and Milburn, LLP to arrange a consultation.



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