Call a Lawyer in Waukesha, WI to Help You Do-it-Yourself

A lot of legal issues that ‘normal’ people deal with fall into a gray area. The problems aren’t worth spending thousands of dollars in legal fees on, but aren’t insignificant either. Some people just want to take care of the problem by themselves, but run into problems filling out paperwork. They would feel safer if a lawyer looked it over to spot any errors or problems.

For example, people frequently represent themselves in Small Claims Court. There is a certain amount of money at stake, but not a huge amount by any means. It is a legal proceeding, with paperwork and court procedures. If someone has no experience in this area, learning how to fill out paperwork, what to expect, what proof will be needed and what happens after the case is decided would be helpful.

Ads offering do-it-yourself divorces and bankruptcies are everywhere, it seems. Are they a good idea? Yes and no. When people truly agree on all the issues in a divorce, why not do the divorce the easy way? For some, it will work well. Others may find problems cropping up in the future. Not knowing how to handle pensions and retirement accounts could lead to an inequitable division of assets. The first step in addressing custody and visitation is drawing up a Parenting Plan. How specific should it be? In most cases, an attorney should review the case and discuss legal issues that the parties have probably not even considered. Do-it-yourself bankruptcies are apparently pretty simple to file online. However, many people forget to list one or more creditors and this can become a huge problem later.

The Horizons Law Group LLC isn’t a one-size-fits-all law firm. The attorneys can expertly handle a complicated case from beginning to end. Some legal matters aren’t that difficult. If someone just needs a little legal advice or help filling out some legal paperwork, they can do that too. If two parties would like to save on time and legal fees, mediation might be the answer. Sit down with a neutral attorney and resolve the issues legally. The attorneys focus on legal issues affecting families and business that would require the services of a lawyer in Waukesha, WI. Whether you need a Lawyer or just some advice (or aren’t sure how serious the problem is) contact the office to schedule an appointment — or Take-A-Lawyer-to-Lunch.

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