Buying Adorable Baby Socks

Baby socks, those teeny tiny coverings that protect baby’s feet while also keeping them warm, seem to have something in common with its other sock family – two socks go into the laundry, one sock comes out. As small as a baby sock is, there is no wonder you are having such a hard time keeping track of them. However, it is also difficult to fathom paying for new pairs of socks for baby every week because the washing machine monster hasn’t had its sock fill. Wondering if there is any way that you can keep track of baby’s socks?

Keep Track of Baby Socks

There are a few different ideas for protecting your baby’s socks and ensuring that there are matches around when you need them. Take a look at the options and you can see which is the best choice for you and your needs. Who knows? You may like a few different options that you are given and can use each of them to ensure there are no more lost baby socks.

Clothes Pins

Clothes pins can be purchased for just a couple of bucks and be used to pin to baby’s socks, however they usually do not work well inside the washing machine so you will need to use this option only to keep track of socks until it is time for their washing.


If you want to save money, use an old pillowcase to place all of baby’s socks inside. You can tie a knot in the end of the pillowcase to keep all of the socks together washing in the washing machine. What goes in must come out! Just be sure to have this pillowcase handy when taking socks off of baby, too.

Buy One Style

If you stick to just one color and brand of socks, lost socks will never be an issue again. Of course, with so many gorgeous baby socks for your little one, this is a very difficult thing to do. But you can buy at least a handful of pairs of a single style, to help you out.

Sock Holders

Take a look online or at your favorite baby store for sock holders. These days you can find several different products that are made especially to keep baby socks together, including inside the washing machine. These products vary in price, but they tend to work.

Baby will pull them off in the car or in the park, the washing machine will eat them. Losing baby socks is a part of life. However, with these tips and tricks you can ensure that you are losing less socks and keeping more.

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