Bringing Suit For A Personal Injury

If you suffer from a personal injury, you have the right to take the responsible individual or individuals to court. The validity of your being able to do so in places such as Woodstock or McHenry, Illinois, depends upon a number of variables. To sort out the reality from the theory, you will need to talk to a firm of professional personal injury lawyers. They can answer such questions as when to file and where to bring suit.

When to File

It is always best to file sooner rather than later. This does not mean rushing into submitting your documentation. Personal injury lawyers, however, are very aware of the clock ticking on the filing date. In Iowa, the date for submissions in personal injury cases is governed by the Statute of Limitations.

Each state has its own length of time in which a lawyer and his or her client must submit the paperwork and file their case. In Iowa, the time allotted to do so is two years from the date of the incident. Alternatively, if the injury does not immediately become apparent, submissions can date two years for that specific date. This is a time frame that you cannot ignore. If you do so, your claim will not proceed.

While the time may seem ridiculously short, the rationale behind the law does make sense. In cases of personal injury, the more time that passes, the less fresh memories of the incident will be. By restricting it to a specific duration, the law hopes the case will not disintegrate into a match of reputations where some of the evidence is down to what he or she said or did versus what the opposing person (and his or her experts said or did). This can give personal injury lawyers nightmares just thinking about it.

Where Do You Bring Suit?

Along with ensuring the documents and your claim are submitted in a timely fashion, personal injury lawyers must make certain the material is submitted to the right court in the proper jurisdiction. This is essential.

The right court is one with the closest ties to everyone involved. The state of Illinois is home to 24 judicial circuits and 5 appellate court districts. It also has the Illinois Supreme Court. Woodstock, Illinois is located in the County of McHenry. As a result, filing of documents needs to be done in the 22nd Judicial Circuit.

Why file here? The answer is simple. If a jury is required, the individuals called upon will be familiar with the company or areas in which the incident occurred. This may prove to be quite beneficial is the personal injury case involves a product liability lawsuit.

Never Go it Alone. Speak to Expert Personal Injury Lawyers

When you suffer from a personal injury in Woodstock, you may feel alone and abandoned. Rather than try to feel your way through the barriers or give up, seize the third and more compassionate option.  Contact a firm of reputable personal injury lawyers to help you fight for your rights.

Are you looking for a firm of Woodstock Personal Injury Lawyers to handle your case? Why not contact the compassionate and experienced professionals at the Law Offices of Robert T. Edens, P.C. Their passion for their clients translates into an aggressive and comprehensive approach to your case. If you want a firm that will work tirelessly for you, your family and your cause, visit them online at

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