Best Waterproof Pergola Roof Ideas in Chicago

A pergola is an excellent option to give your deck or patio some personality. The open roof, however, prevents you from utilizing your garden to its full potential during inclement weather, unlike other outdoor constructions. Furthermore, everything you place beneath the pergola runs the risk of being damaged by the sun and rain if there isn’t a watertight roof.

But don’t worry; several excellent techniques make your pergola perform better in all sorts of weather. This post includes some fantastic waterproof pergola roof ideas in Chicago.

Rolling Canopy

A moving canopy is immediately recognizable if you have seen a retractable patio awning because they are essentially the same thing. These canopies move back and forth on tracks and wires rather than the arms you see on a patio awning. They are one of the best waterproof pergola roof ideas in Chicago because they adapt to the weather.

When the weather is sunny, you may move them back and take advantage of the scenery; nevertheless, if it starts to rain, you’ll be able to cover up and be dry. However, it’s crucial only to use them in mild rain since water collects and makes it harder for the umbrella to roll off as it starts to rain a little harder.

Louvered Roof

The louvered roof is one of the best pergola waterproof roof ideas. It is ideal for controlling how much light you let in, yet it can be closed if the weather is severe, so no one gets wet. Rainwater will roll directly onto the ground when the roof is closed due to the roof’s tilt. These roofs are fantastic since they are available in a wide variety of patterns, materials, sizes, and colors, so you can genuinely pick something that complements the design of your garden.

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