Best Types of Outdoor Lighting in Chicago for Carefree, Luxury Living

The right outdoor lights can help you feel more comfortable in your own yard while providing more curbside appeal, which can make it look better to guests and improve your resale value. Whether you plan on selling this year or living in your home for the next 20 years, consider these three types of lights that will help your yard look inviting and luxurious.

Porch Lights
If you love to enjoy the outdoors on your porch or deck, porch lights can help you see better whether you are having a relaxing drink, chatting with a neighbor or enjoying some quiet. Consider ceiling lights or fans for front porches or hanging lights or sconces for decks.

Landscaping and Architectural Lights
These lights are designed to set off your trees and plants as well as the architectural features on your home. Consider small upturned lights beneath your home or trees to light up some of your home’s best features. You may also want to try pathway lights or post lights beside a driveway or sidewalk.

Security Lights
Security lights and motion-activated lights may not be as pretty as landscaping lights are, but they still serve a vital purpose in carefree living. They help keep your property safe from burglars who are deterred by brightly lit spaces.

Outdoor lights can show off your landscaping even when it is dark and can take your outdoor parties to the next level. When you purchase Outdoor Lighting in Chicago from Fox Lighting Galleries, you can be sure that you are getting high quality lights that will last a lifetime along with a fair price. Choose one or more of our outdoor lights today to make your porch, deck or garden look better than ever. website

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