Best MRI High Field Riverhead NY

When you or a loved one is seriously ill, the only thing you care about is getting the best medical care possible, regardless of time, distance, or cost. For many people, local health care services do not offer the kind of advanced technology scans and treatments that can quickly identify issues, and so they are forced to travel hours to get to the kind of care that they need. Being able to access this kind of care can be vital to your health, which is why MRI High Field Riverhead NY makes it a priority to specialize in the advanced medical screenings so that they can provide the immediate medical care many patients require. With a staff of skilled imaging technicians that receive ongoing training, your scans are performed quickly and efficiently, and with a minimum of discomfort.

One of the most commonly ordered medical scans is the MRI High Field in Riverhead NY, which uses high powered magnets to create extremely detailed and informative pictures of exactly what is going on inside the body, allowing your physician to properly diagnose and treat your malady. Prior to the advent of magnetic resonance imaging, or MRIs, doctors had to rely on x-rays, blood work, and patient reported symptoms to make a diagnosis, which was sometimes similar to putting together a puzzle with missing pieces. Being able to utilize the advanced technology of CT and PET scans as well as MRI imaging has improved doctors’ abilities to identify health problems right off the bat, which not only allows for more immediate treatment, but also for very specific protocols that can increase patients’ odds of living healthy, normal lives. MRIs were traditionally performed in a closed capsule, but since many patients experienced claustrophobia, the open MRI was developed. While the closed MRI tends to create a clearer picture, most doctors are able to get the information they need just as well from an image taken in an open MRI machine.

With medical technology becoming more highly refined by the day, we could see the development of a new imaging technique in just a few years that creates even more detailed pictures. Until then, put yourself or your loved ones in the best hands possible with North Fork Radiology, your trusted choice for a safe, comfortable imaging experience that prioritizes the patient.