Benefits You Can Reap From Choosing an Urgent Care

If I were sick in Monmouth County and could not see my doctor, I would look for an urgent care near Ocean, NJ. An urgent care is a walk-in clinic designed to treat minor illnesses and injuries. There are several benefits you can reap from choosing an urgent care.

Convenient Hours

Most doctor offices open early in the morning and close by 5. These hours are often inconvenient. Urgent care centers are open during non-business hours. You can get care late in the evening or on the weekends.


Many people go to the emergency room when they cannot see their doctor. The emergency room can be quite expensive. In fact, even if you go for something simple, you may still end up paying thousands of dollars. That is why emergency rooms should be reserved for life-threatening conditions.

An urgent care center is a cost-effective option. If you have insurance, you probably will not have to pay much out-of-pocket. Even if you do not have insurance, going to an urgent care is typically still cheaper than going to an emergency room.

Quicker Care

Emergency rooms are designed for triage, meaning that they do not treat people on a first come, first serve basis. Rather, they treat the sickest people first. In some cases, this can lead to a wait of several hours. Rather, you can get care more quickly at an urgent care center.

If you’re looking for an urgent care in Monmouth County, NJ, contact Central Jersey Urgent Care of Ocean.

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