Benefits of Using Affordable Dental Implants in South Elgin IL to Replace Missing Teeth

If you have lost teeth due to illness, old age or for any other type of reason, you will often find yourself having troubles doing some of the daily things, such as eating, smiling and speaking, you use to do. When this happens, you may start to feel negative about yourself and your appearance. If you are experiencing this type of situation, you should visit a dentist about Affordable Dental Implants in South Elgin IL.

When you see a dentist about dental implants, he or she will first need to assess whether your dental condition will allow you to have dental implants. When you lose teeth, the structure of your jaw begins to change quickly. Often you will start to lose bone mass. While you lose some mass do to old age, without teeth to support the loss of mass can decline quickly. For most types of Affordable Dental Implants in South Elgin IL, you will need to have some bone mass still present.

If the dentist determines your jaws are healthy enough for the procedure, the dentist can then begin the first step in the process. One of the first things a dentist will need to do is to place metal rods into your jawbones. This involves a surgical procedure. The metal rods will take the place of tooth roots. They will provide support and stability to the replacement teeth to be used.

One the rods are in place, they will need to be left alone of a period of weeks. This will allow the bone and the rod time to bond with one another. Doing this is important in ensuring your implants will be stable in your mouth.

After the rods and jawbone are united, the dentist will then be able to affix custom created crowns, dentures or other types of dental fixtures to be used to replace the missing teeth. These fixtures will vary depending on how many teeth have been lost. They will be permanently affixed to the implant. This way you will have replacement teeth, which look and feel natural.

Being without teeth for any reason can be very damaging to the way you feel about yourself. In such cases, you should see a dentist about treatment options. For more information on implants, please visit

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