Benefits Of Sending Children To Summer Camp In Fairfield CT

Before school lets out for the summer, working parents need to make arrangements for their children. Since young children cannot be left home alone, parents need to find a responsible caretaker. Some parents hire a babysitter and some ask a friend of the family or a relative. One of the best options is Summer Camp in Fairfield CT. There are several ways that children can benefit from a summer camp experience.

A Chance To Be Active

Many parents today have trouble getting their kids to put down their phones, tablets, and video games and get some exercise. Medical professionals believe that this is one of the major reasons that childhood obesity is such a problem today. When a child goes to summer camp, there will be activities to keep them active. This might not be an option if the parents were to hire someone to take care of their children during the day.

New Experiences

When a child attends summer camp, they will have a chance to experience new things. If a child is able to try new things, they could find that they have talents that they never knew they had.

A Chance To Make New Friends

Most children are friends with the children in their class and the children who live in their neighborhood. When a child attends summer camp, they will have a chance to make new friends that they would never have been able to meet otherwise. In many cases, the kids that children meet at summer camp become life-long friends.

A Chance to Be Independent

When a child attends summer camp, it is a great chance for them to be more independent. There is supervision at summer camp, however, the supervision is not as close as what parents and teacher give. When a child is at camp, they will have an opportunity to break away from the adults in their life and make some daily decision for themselves.

Improve Social Skills

If a child spends their summer with a babysitter or a family member, they won’t have much of a chance to socialize with their peers. At summer camp, the child will be surrounded by children their own age, giving them a chance to work on their social skills.

When working parents are making the arrangements for their child’s summer care, they should consider Summer Camp in Fairfield CT. For more information, Visit

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