Benefits of Seeing a Dentist in New City NY to Improve the Look of a Person’s Teeth

Many times a person who has issues with their appearance may find it can cause them to be overly self-conscious and reluctant to speak to people in general. This can be the case particularly when their issues are due to the condition of their teeth. Very often, a person who has teeth that are severely discolored or stained may find they smile much less and avoid conversing with many people. This can create issues for them in both their career, personal relationships and in social situations. In such cases, it can be a good choice for the person to visit a Dentist in New City NY who handles cosmetic dentistry.

Generally, a person with staining or discoloration will be able to have their teeth whitened to correct the problem. However, if the problem does not respond well, a Dentist in New City NY will need to consider other types of treatments. Before doing this, he or she will need to conduct a thorough examination of the patient’s teeth. This should help in determining the extent of the issue and the overall health of the patient’s teeth in general.

When the affected teeth are not healthy, a Dentist in New City NY may want to remove the teeth and place dental implants in their place. This type of treatment can be a good choice in this type of situation as it will remove the damaged teeth completely and place replacement teeth in their spot, which look good and are more stable.

If the patient’s teeth are otherwise healthy, a Dentist in New City NY may want to consider using dental veneers to cover the problems instead. With this type of treatment, the natural teeth are not removed but covered with a thin porcelain shell designed to fit on the tooth. Using this procedure, the natural teeth are not harmed and only will need to have a thin layer of enamel removed to accommodate the veneer being affixed to them.

Dental veneers are created from porcelain in the same shade as the patients natural teeth. This helps in making sure they look natural and blend in with the other teeth. They also have a translucent appearance, which further enhances their look. Since veneers are permanently affixed directly onto the teeth, they do not slip or move about in the mouth and this can be a great advantage when one eats, speaks or smiles.

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