Benefits of Seeing a Dentist in Haleiwa for Dental Implants

People who have experienced tooth loss often discover it is a difficult situation for them to deal with on a regular basis. This is because tooth loss can have an impact on the way a person speaks, eats and smiles. Because missing teeth can often cause problems in these areas, it is generally a good idea for a person to contact a Dentist in Haleiwa when faced with this type of issue.

Very often, when a patient sees a dentist due to missing teeth, the dentist will recommend the patient have dental implants to replace their missing teeth. This can often be the best type of treatment for this type of issue because it not only provides teeth which look natural, but feel natural as well. This can be an important factor since not all replacement teeth look or feel natural.

Dental implants are designed to work in a way, which closely resembles the way natural teeth grow in the mouth. This can make it easier to use when eating, drinking or speaking. It can also help in preventing a variety of issues and painful conditions from occurring.

Before a Dentist in Haleiwa first recommends dental implants to a patient, he or she will need to examine the patient to determine the amount of bone loss they have experienced in the jawbone. If the patient has had substantial bone loss, the dentist may need to use subperiosteal implants. These types of implants consist of a frame being fit around the patient’s jawbone. Metal rods are affixed to the frame. The rods are designed so they sit atop the patient’s jawbones.

In most cases, the dentist will be able to use endosteal implants. This type of implant is created by having metal rods placed inside the patient’s jawbone during a surgical procedure. The rods are then able to bond with the jawbone. This makes a stable foundation for the attachment of the dental prosthesis, which are designed to look like real teeth. A dentist will attach crowns, bridges or dentures to the rods placed in or atop the jawbone.

Using this process a dentist can help in restoring a person’s teeth. This can be a great way to help restore their smile, while allowing them to speak and eat better as well. This can be a wonderful benefit for many people.

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