Benefits of Getting Regular Occupational Therapy in Houston

by | Mar 25, 2022 | Medical Clinic

An occupational therapist can help restore a patient’s ability to perform the daily chores independently. These daily chores include using the bathroom, driving, eating, meal preparation, dressing, and more. For this reason, getting regular occupational therapy in Houston is pretty beneficial for seniors, and there are various other benefits.

Improves the Strength & Range of Motion

Surgeries and bone diseases can impact a person’s joints and movements. An occupational therapist will be able to simulate the performance of motion to assist them in making small movements, which gradually helps them improve their range of motion. In addition, a therapist will create compensatory prevention techniques that help build strength in seniors.

Reduces Pain

The therapists tend to use compensatory techniques, such as shoulder hiking, which helps reduce pain in the shoulders and chest. In addition, specialized stretching techniques can improve joint movement while improving a person’s ability to perform daily chores.

Better Visual Skills

Stroke, brain injuries, and eye diseases can lead to changes in vision, which also creates blind spots. These visual changes can impact a person’s mobility and ability to read. However, occupational therapy in Houston can help people learn the visual adaptive techniques, such as pre-reading and scanning strategies for improving the performance overall reading experience.

Improved Wake/Sleep Schedule

Disruption in wake and sleep cycles is one of the common side effects of cancer, lupus, and multiple sclerosis. However, the problem also occurs as a result of long-term prescription medications and bed rest. In the majority of cases, the doctors recommend exercising and CBT. However, occupational therapy helps with task completion and helps people get back to their normal schedule, including the wake and sleep schedules. For more information, please visit Reconstructive Orthopedic Center.

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