Beginning A Claim With A Medical Malpractice Lawyer In Junction City, KS

In Kansas, patients have a two-year window to file a medical malpractice lawsuit. This statute of limitation begins on the date in which the injury occurred. A common misconception is that it starts on the day in which the injury was discovered. For this reason, some patients have forfeited their right to compensation by default.

How to Start a Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

The first step is to contact an attorney. The Medical Malpractice Lawyer Junction City KS is aware of how to gather the necessary evidence and prepare the claim. The patient is sent to a new doctor in some cases for a second opinion. This provides support for the testimony of the doctor that identified the error.

Medical Records Acquisition

Patients are less likely to acquire their full medical records after an injury. However, Medical Malpractice Lawyer Junction City KS could utilize a court subpoena to acquire the records. Non-disclosure of complete medical records after a demand from the court is unlawful.

Scientific Testing of the Injury

The medical records are reviewed to determine how the error occurred. Forensic testing is used to recreate the actions of the doctor. They help physicians with the same skill set understand what went wrong. After testing is complete, the medical witnesses prepare testimony for the case to chronicle these injuries. The point is to identify injuries that are conducive to the doctor’s actions. They must also indicate that a doctor with the same credentials wouldn’t make this mistake.

Calculating The Total Cost

A Medical Malpractice Lawyer Junction City KS calculates loss based on expenses and lost wages. The condition lead to medical expenses to correct the error. The patient couldn’t return to work due to their injuries. These factors are considered when a settlement demand is created.

Medical malpractice indicates that a doctor failed to provide a proper duty to a patient. All doctors are required to provide a high standard of care to all patients. They are required to follow guidelines and protocol to prevent risks. Patients who were injured due to negligence or avoidable errors should contact the Oleen Law Firm in Junction City KS .

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