Before You Buy a New FWD Vehicle in Bozeman

The winter weather in Bozeman can sometimes get nasty. In fact, it’s nice to have a dependable four-wheel drive vehicle to get you where you need to go. However, before you rush off to a Jeep dealership to buy something brand new, you may want to check out a late-model previously owned SUV or pickup truck. Here are some good reasons to think used instead of new.

New Vehicle Options

A Jeep dealership in Bozeman can sell you a brand new vehicle, or you may wish to lease one. Let’s check out some of the good and bad things about these options.

Buying New – The Good

You’ll have a brand new car that you can show off to friends and family. You’ll enjoy a new car warranty and can extend the warranty if you want to pay extra. Also, you’ll have that “new car smell” that many people love.

Buying New – The Bad

As soon as you drive your new vehicle home, your car is worth as much as eleven percent less. For example, if you paid $25,000 when you get home to show the car to others, it’s now only worth $22,250. Within the first year, it could lose 19 percent of its value, so it’s not a great investment.

Leasing – The Good

If you lease a car from a Jeep dealership in Bozeman, you’ll enjoy a lower monthly payment. Your maintenance is taken care of, and it’s easy to qualify for some leases.

Leasing – The Bad

When the lease is over, you have nothing.

Previously Owned

If you check out a dealer with plenty of used four-wheel drive vehicles, you can save all that money on new car depreciation. They have special offers, and they can help you with the financing too. The process is simple and easy.

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