Before Beginning a DIY Project, Contact an Electrical Contractor Salem OR

Sometimes, homeowners make the mistake of thinking that they are qualified to complete electrical projects around their home. However, what they fail to realize is that, without the necessary understanding of how the electrical system works in the home, they run the risk of doing more harm than good. Many house fires are the result of faulty electrical work that was either outdated or not completed by a licensed Electrical Contractor in Salem OR.

Outlet Overload

A lot of times consumers believe that they can purchase multi-out extenders to plug in several appliances to one location. The problem with that is that the one outlet is usually not designed to handle all the power that is required for the electrical appliances. Electrical loads need to be spread out, to prevent complications throughout the rest of the home. If you need more outlets in the home, hire an Electrical Contractor Salem OR to properly install them for you.

Improper Electric Box Installation

Another common mistake that homeowners make when trying to complete electrical repairs is install the electric box inappropriately. Many times the electric box is either installed too far in or out of the wall. This could cause serious problems including fires. Electricians then have to reinstall the box so that it sits inside of the drywall appropriately.

Exceeding Light Bulb Wattage Limits

Lighting fixtures often have a set wattage requirement. However, often, consumers will put higher wattage bulbs into the fixture. For instance, a fixture might require a 60 watt bulb but homeowners use 100 watt bulbs instead. What they don’t realize is that the higher the wattage is, the more power the bulb will use. The base can become very hot and cause a house fire. For higher wattage or more lighting in the home, consulting with an Electrical Contractor Salem OR is best. They can provide you with advice on installing new lighting in the home that is safe.

There are plenty of mistakes that homeowners and inexperienced contractors make when trying to complete electrical work. While you may believe that you’re saving money, the truth is that you’re causing more damage to your home’s electrical system and putting your life and other’s at risk. It is best when trying to complete electrical projects that you stick to working with Safety Electric Inc.

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