Becoming Injured From a Slip and Fall Event in Indianapolis, IN

A slip and fall Indianapolis IN injuryis a common type of personal injury that someone who has been hurt due to someone else’s negligence may see a personal injury attorney for. Slipping and falling may sound like it isn’t that serious, but for some people, it can be. Not everyone is an athlete in good shape, whose muscles are able to quickly react to brace for a fall and absorb the impact.

For many people who Slip and fall Indianapolis IN, the injury they suffer could be painful and debilitating. Seniors are particularly vulnerable to a slip and fall, especially in their own homes, and the siituation isn’t just limited to slipping and falling on an icy sidewalk, although that certainly could happen. They could trip if their toe catches the edge of a rug. They can slip and fall in their own bathtub. Their bones don’t have the density that they used to, and so seniors are more likely to break bones when falling. They can shatter a hip when their hip impacts the floor. They can break a wrist when they put an arm out to brace for a fall.

They can have more injuries than broken bones from a slip and fall Indianapolis IN accident. They can receive soft tissue injuries if they hit their face against the corner of a table when they fall. Many seniors also life alone. If they are unable to get up after a fall, and cannot get to a phone to call for help, they could be left alone on the floor for hours or days until discovered. The delay in receiving treatment for broken bones and open wounds, along with the lack of food and water during that time, can make their condition even worse.

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Seniors may not have a case if they Slip and fall Indianapolis IN in their own homes, but they could have one of these situations happen to them while staying as a guest in someone else’s home or when staying at a hotel. Another consideration is if the person lives in a nursing home and was left unattended to slip and fall, such as falling in the bathtub; that can certainly be a case for negligence.

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