Beautiful Landscape Design in Milwaukee, WI Begins with a Grading and Drainage Plan

When people look at a beautiful Landscape Design in Milwaukee WI, they see a deep green lawn with flower beds and perfectly shaped trees. What they don’t notice is the grading and drainage plan that makes it all possible. If water doesn’t flow away from all of the buildings on the property, then the soil near their foundation can become waterlogged. The added pressure can damage the foundation. Proper grading ensures that water flows in the right direction. If there is a lot of water or the soils don’t allow it to seep back into the ground, there can still be problems.

In addition to damaging foundations, constantly damp soil can rot plant and tree roots. Standing water can be a hazard and a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other insects. A drainage plan can alleviate these problems. A series of drains can carry water away from the foundation. Soils such as sand and gravel can be added to areas to provide drainage. However, these changes cause additional water to flow through the site. Most local governments prohibit a person from changing the drainage on their neighbor’s property. It may also be illegal to use city storm drains to carry this drainage away.

Landscape design in Milwaukee WI can create attractive water features that contain the drainage on the property. Visitors many never guess that a Koi pond or fountain were included in the landscape to give water a place to seep back down into the ground. Areas that have too much drainage and are perpetually dry can be watered automatically with an irrigation system. These landscaping solutions require moving large amounts of earth and excavating a lot of soil. Most homeowners don’t have the technical expertise or the equipment to create and execute this type of landscaping. The landscape design company can explain the grading and drainage problems and the ways that it can be solved. The homeowner can decide which types of landscape solutions they prefer. Bluemels is one of the Milwaukee companies that help homeowners with drainage problems.

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